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How to Fundraise for EagleTHON

January 31, 2017



Email your family & friends

One of the easiest ways to raise money for EagleTHON is by emailing your relatives a link to your fundraising page. You'd be surprised at how generous your family becomes when they hear you're fundraising for cute kids! 


Here's a fundraising email draft:


"Hey everyone!


On February 18, I'm participating in EagleTHON, American University's annual Dance Marathon! EagleTHON benefits Children's National Medical Center, our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Dance Marathon is a 12-hour event where you dance (or at least stand) the entire time. We stay standing for 12 hours because a nursing shift at Children's National is 12 hours long. 100% of the money raised goes to funding pediatric illness research and to making the hospital a more welcoming place for the kids - not to administrative fees. If you'd like to donate, please go to my fundraising page: [link}. All donations are tax deductible, and 100% of the money donated goes straight to the kids at Children's National Medical Center. Thank you!"


Host a canning event

Canning is a Dance Marathon tradition. Just go to a location where you know there will be a lot of people, and ask for spare change to benefit Children's National. We raised over $200 in change at our last canning event!





Bribe your friends

Chipotle costs $11 -- even without guacamole. Make your friends dinner instead, and have them donate that $11 to EagleTHON. This also works with meal swipes and broke (and hungry) upperclassmen. 


Challenge your friends

We all know our friends would pay any amount of money to watch us make a fool of ourselves. Tell your friends if you raise $50 in 5 days, you'll let everyone who donated throw pie at you. Or you'll do a stupid dance! Or die your hair blue! Or talk to that person you've had a crush on forever! Whatever you know your friends would pay to see. The donations will roll in before you know it. 



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